Why Hire a Bookkeeper?

You make payroll every week, but the rest of your business finances get pushed off so you can do what you do best—work your business. That leaves your year-end financials a challenge, at best. You spend hours sifting through receipts, spreadsheets and bank statements. Or, worse, you have to pay someone—at a premium—to sort out the mess for you.

Having a dedicated bookkeeper on contract can do wonders for your business, your peace of mind and your sanity. They can help make sure your business stays in the black so you can concentrate on growing your business. Here are just a few perks to hiring a bookkeeper:

Keeps Tabs on New Laws

You can’t possibly keep up with new trends in your business and new accounting laws. Whether you’re a business coach, a pest control company, a general contractor or a restaurant, new regulations and laws pop up all the time. Someone who is in the accounting trenches keeps up with the trends and can help you determine how they impact your business and its future.

Makes Recommendations that will Save You Money

Bookkeepers and accountants look at financials every day. They know what it looks like when a business is in the black (and when it’s not). A good bookkeeper can analyze where your business is losing money and where you can make changes to improve your bottom line. Someone who has seen it all can look at your business’s finances from a fresh perspective and make recommendations on how to save money.

Opportunity Cost

It takes time to keep your books in order—time that could be better spent by focusing on growing your business. Think about it this way: You probably wouldn’t lay your own tile, replace the brakes in your car or hop in the pilot’s seat on your next trip. That’s because you may not have the expertise (or licensing) to perform these tasks. And it would take you more time and patience than you have to figure out how to do these things yourself. Hiring a third party to keep your books in order just makes sense because you’ll know it’s done right.

Do yourself—and your business—a favor and find a qualified bookkeeper who has a handle on the regulations in your area. Want an analysis of your current financials? Schedule an appointment with me.